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Executive Order Legislation – Immigration


You may have heard about the 5th Circuit District Court’s refusal of the Department of Justice’s request to lift the temporary ban on President Obama’s immigration executive order. The 5th District Court of Appeals will rule on whether the President has overstepped his bounds in the use of this executive order later this year. Referencing […]

90 Seconds: Shifting Economic Power


American society is becoming increasingly Liberal and Progressive. I am greatly concerned for such because of the political institutions Liberals and Progressives support. Among them include welfare spending and redistribution of wealth. Thus, we can say a good portion of Liberals and Progressives in society are among the American Socialists. American Socialists are very simplistic […]

90 Seconds: Six Points of Power


There are six points of power. They are as follows: 1. Executive. This is the power to execute the laws within their designated bounds. 2. Legislative. This is the power to propose and pass laws, or designate the boundaries. 3. Judicial. This is the power to punish those who operate outside the bounds set by […]

Is the American President becoming akin to a Ki...


Politics is the struggle for power. This makes sense. Whenever politics and government are discussed, it is in relation to a struggle for power. In America, that struggle is often between competing parties; mostly the Republicans and Democrats. Both parties are vying for power. However, most do not understand the power they are looking to […]