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In Defense of the Traditional Family

Owl Family

The family is the basic unit of society. Children learn their greatest lessons and inherit lasting characteristics from family. The traditional family structure, functioning with the love and reverence it needs, has the best chance of developing children of superb character; character that leads to success in matters social, emotional, and economic. The traditional family […]

The Great American Heist: Federal Government...

The Great American Heist: Federal Government’s Involvement in the Housing Market Crash of 2008

Before I get started, I want to be clear on why this topic is important to cover. After all, the housing market crash in 2008 is a six year old event. We are constantly told we are beyond the recession it caused and properly protected against another one occurring. So, why bother discussing it? This […]

90 Second Lesson: Jefferson’s Second Revo...


The fight for freedom did not end with the Revolutionary War, the signing of the Constitution of the United States, or the unanimous selection of George Washington as President. The fight for freedom continued on well after those events, carrying into our day. One such battle for freedom was in the Presidential election of 1800. […]

90 Second Lesson: Morals needed for Liberty


Democratic government comes with a peculiar conundrum. It seeks to establish freedom of choice, but with boundaries. To illustrate freedom on a linear scale, there is anarchy on one side and despotism (oppressive rule) on the other. Freedom is situated somewhere in the middle. So, one side is a complete lack of rules. The other […]