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Can the First Amendment and Gay Marriage Coexis...


Gay marriage has taken center stage and is likely to remain there for some time. Both celebration and outrage over the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell vs. Hodges ensures that. Many Americans have expressed concerns regarding religious freedom with new national law. To explore this concern, a few basic questions may be asked and answered: […]

Hillary Clinton and Adolf Hitler Comparisons: M...


With the Presidential Primaries just around the corner, we have not been in short supply of certain comparisons between past and present political leaders. Among them, one that has popped up frequently in social media has been the Hillary Clinton and Adolf Hitler comparison. A recent witty comparison places a picture of Hitler next to […]

Relativism: The Death of Truth


I don’t often start these with a personal experience. Scratch that, I NEVER start these articles with a personal experience; however, I am going to start this one with a personal experience today. As a young missionary in the lively city of Farmington Maine, I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ […]

How Federal Agencies Are Created and Why You Sh...


I have spent the last several articles explaining the centralization of power, all based on my Points of Power model. I have explained how all six powers have been grouped historically and have explained the ways in which we are mimicking such a grouping of power now. The last article I wrote on centralized power […]